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In response to the anonymous question : « I just came out and I feel so dysphoric about my chest… I don’t have a lot of money, should I buy one of those cheap binder on amazon ? ». 

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Hey, thanks for sending me a question! It’s true binder can be pricy (Around 40$ CAN) but buying cheap binder or using ace bandage and /or tape to bind is not super safe. It can restrict you breathing and cause dangerous injuries like a broken rib. It’s better to buy from a trusted brand.

The first brand that I would recommend is GC2B, it is trans owned company and I personally thing that their binder are more comfortable then other brands. They can be more expensive and some folks do not love the result. Because it is less tight a, but for bigger chested folks, like me, I think its much more comfortable ! To help myself with dysphoria I try to remember that not all “cis men” have flat chest either. Follow GC2B on instagram for discount!

The second brand is Underworks, they are a pretty known brand and tend to be cheaper. They are a medical company and their binder are made for after-surgery care, so they are thicker but will give a really flat chest.

If you are looking for something colourful, Shapeshifter makes amazing binder with fun patterns like dragon scale or galaxy.

Binder do not fit all types of body, they can be really uncomfortable and frustrating for folks with bigger hips and small waist, some brands like Origami custom will do custom sized binder and Shapeshifter will do some adjustments.

Some folks tend to go a size smaller when choosing a binder, that is really not recommended and will not give a better result. Size chart can be really complicated so do not be shy to send me a message for some help!

If you cannot afford a binder but really need one, many organizations offer free or cheap binder. In Montréal, The centre for gender advocacy and Project 10 (25 yo-) offer pay-what-you can gender affirming material. For the US, the “Chest Binding 101” guide made by transguys.com has an handy list of organization that give away free binders. 

It’s better to not wear your binder for more then 8/12 hours at a time. That can be really hard when you go to school or have a job with long hours. Try to find time in your schedule to have a binder break, maybe go to a single stall bathroom for a little while and take off your binder. You can also find a trans friendly organization on your campus where you can go to take off your binder a little bit before going back to the library ,etc. It’s better to not wear your binder while doing physical activity. Instead, try to wear two sport bras and a bigger T-shirt, or wear and older and bigger binder so it’s not as tight. Finally folks, don’t forget to stay hydrated

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