Douching & Ennema

I’ve received a lot of questions regarding douching for anal sex in the past week, so I decided to write an article specifically on that subject! In this article I will mainly discuss how to properly douche and what is the difference between an ennema and a douche!

Reminder that I am not a professional on the subject, I’m talking from personal experience and from research (Mainly from the youtube channel Wattsthesafeword and from a conversation with my roomie l ) Ennema and douching can be used as synonyms, they are an “injection of fluid into the lower bowel by way of the rectum.” But I think its important to make a distinction between the two. If you buy an ennema at the pharmacy, what you will get might surprise you. They are filled with a special solution of water and laxative, they are used to clean the colon before a surgical intervention or a colonoscopy.

You do not want to clean your entire colon before anal sex! It will irritate your skin and can facilitate the transmission of STI’S. But you can buy ennemas from the pharmacy and fill them with water just remember that they are single use. You can also buy a reusable douche at the pharmacy, the sex shop or online. They are usually made out of rubber or silicone. There is also attachements that you can add to your shower head (Shower shots), but they’re on the pricier side.

Anyhow shower shots can be fun for a deeper clean and to masturbate in the shower. Filling your colon with water is also a kink that can be super fun to explore, but be sure to read on the subject before trying it! So how do I douche exactly? You fill your douche with tepid water. Remember that your mucous membrane does not perceive heat the same way that your skin would, so always check the water first! For the position, you can put your bum in the air (Similar to doggy style), go gently with the water, not too much pressure! Hold the water for 5/10 seconds and expulse it down the toilet. Repeat 3/4 times or until the water is clean. Do not douche everyday, it will irritate your mucous membrane!

The colon is not a straight line, so try many positions to be sure that you got all the water out. After douching, try to insert a dildo to be sure there is no more water and also to spot check !

Some folks claim that you shouldn’t eat before anal sex, that is not true! It’s important to eat before anal sex, because it requires energy!  Just eat food that you digest easily and that is high in fiber <3

Douching is a good way to be more confident before anal sex, but it is not a requirement! I prefer to take a shower before anal sex and deal with fecal matter if they appear, that’s how me and my partner prefer to function. The important is that you feel comfortable in your body!

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