Journal : Sex and digestive issues

A picture of some of my and my partner favourite sex toys as an introduction to talk about a less glamorous subject, sex and digestive problems.

 So I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and it’s something that REALLY interacts with my sex life. My hectic bowel mouvement make me tired, irritable, hypersensitive and often sex repulsed. I am rarely the receiver of anal sex because I’m embarrassed by what could happen and how my anus feels and frankly it just really hurts. I love giving anal sex, and I wish I could receive more.


I feel like we do not talk enough about how some digestive track problem can actually prevent you from doing sexual activities you love. The stigma around anal sex is quite big in our society and so is the stigma around digestive problems. All of that to say that I find it hard to reconcile those two aspects of my life. All I can do is slowly learn to accept my bum and bowel mouvement and communicate with my partners that this is a tough one for me. If you have similar experiences dm me ! 



1 comment on “Journal : Sex and digestive issues

  1. I also have IBS! Thank you for speaking out on this ❤


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