Why can’t we sleep in the same bed ?

Can you love someone deeply and not want to sleep next to them ? Is a question I ask myself too often.

Because of anxiety, hypersensibility and insomnia my partner and I cannot sleep in the same bed. We usually put a single mattress next to the bed and make every night a pyjama party. We cuddle in the morning and we both have all the space we need at night. Sound awesome right ? But why am I shy to tell people we do so? Why am I scared folks will think I do not love them enough ?

Sleeping in the same bed as your lover/partner/friends is not something everyone can do! For me, my mental health makes me hypersensitive. A misplaced movement or an uncomfortable blanket could give me a panic attack. I do not like to sweat, cause sweaty is sticky and sticky is anxious June. My partner has insomnia, my movements or snoring can give them a panic attack. You see how it goes haha ? We tried for a long time to sleep in the same bed, but we would just have awful nights of panic attacks over panic attacks!

Not sleeping in the same bed is the best thing for us and for many other folks. I love seeing their cute face in the morning and being able to cuddle them when I’m ready to do so. Jumping in their bed like Queer teenagers doing a sleepover is simply awesome.

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