Affordable Sex Toys

What a better day then the international orgasm day to post an article on affordable sex toys! A small reminder that you do not need to have an orgasm to enjoy yourself sexually.

Sex toys are a good way to explore your sexuality, but they can be really expensive, therefore inaccessible. They can also be really cheap, but cheap toys are usually cheaply made. But it’s not always the case! In this post, I will give pieces of advice to easily spot cheap well-made sex toy.  I will also list some of my favorite cheaper sex toys!

After doing a poll on Instagram to figure out the perfect price scale for affordable toys, I settled on 10$USD to 40$USD. Sadly most options will be around 30$USD because good quality toys under that price are pretty rare.

When I’m browsing on the interweb looking for the next awesome sex toys I usually look for three things: trustworthiness of the website, material, and reviews (A lot of reviews)

You know when you are about the buy something on a website and you just … don’t trust it. That is the feeling you want to stay away from when you are buying toys online. I classify online sex shops in 3 categories: awessoommee, okay and isshhh.

Awesome sex shops are … well.. awesome. They will offer you an amazing customer service and they usually have really great sex toys descriptions that will be super helpful in finding the perfect toy for your needs! You can trust all their products because they are pre-selected by folks that know sex toys and care about your pleasure. They also usually have really cute names, here is a couple examples  : spectrum boutique, noxshop, vibrantshebop, shevibe, violetteandjohn , etc. 

The okay shops are a little less trustworthy but you can still find a good product on their site. When shopping at a okayyy online sex shop look for well-known brand. Go take a look at the toy brand website… most sex toys company do not even have a website so that will be a great start! Okay shop usually have really profitable sales, so don’t be shy to look for those coupons!  Pink cherry, adam and eve and love honey are a couple of okay online sex shops. They won’t offer you the best customer service, but they will do the trick.

Regarding ishhh online sex shops, they are usually easy to spot. They usually come up on the side when you are watching porn… just don’t buy from those.

Material is another way to know if a toy is well-made or not. Sadly because we are buying online it is not possible to touch the toy. If the toy you are buying is quite popular, do not be shy to go in a irl sex shop and touch the toy! The best way to know if a toy will do the trick is to touch it! Regarding specific material, I will refer you to my article on sex toys material so you can get to know more about sex toys and the materials they are made of!

Another great way to find a well-made sexton online is by reading and watching reviews. Read as many reviews as you can. Watch video reviews to be able to see the texture, how squishy and malleable the toy is! If a toy doesn’t have any reviews, it is suspicious.. but it may also be a hidden gem. So do not be shy to direct message me so I can look it up.

Finding great deals online can be hard but luckily your local queer sex blogger is here with a list of their favorite well-made cheaper toys!

The first toy brand I recommend is VEDO. They offer a wide variety of toys for a cheaper price (from 22$ to 50$). Their toys are made in ultra soft silicone and are usually pretty flexible. For a first toy, it is a really good choice. Pinkcherry, she vibe and spectrum boutique offer a bunch of their toys ; small vibrators, butt plugs, anal beads, cock rings, etc. Another cool aspect is that most of them are not phallic and they offer cute colours. 

Another sex toy company that offer well-made cheaper sex toys is Blush Novelties. Two of their toys have been getting a lot of good reviews lately. The first one is the GAIA ECO, which is a biodegradable and recyclable vibrator. It is 10$USD and apparently has a really nice texture and nice vibrations. You can find it on Spectrum boutique, shevibe and Shopnox! The second toy is the NOJE line of mini-wand. They are on the pricier side (40$USD) but for a good wand that is really cheap. The toy head is made out of silicone and many reviewers were surprised by the intensity of the vibrations! 

I recently found out that one of the most powerful bullet vibrator I ever touched is on Spectrum boutique for the really reasonable price of 39$USD. It is rechargeable, made out of silicone and the rumbly vibrations are quite impressive! This bullet is the FEMMEFUNN ULTRA BULLET. At the store where I work, it is detailed at 99$CAN, even with the exchange rate it is still a pretty good deal!

The last brand I will be talking about is IROHA. This brand offers really good cheaper option like the ZEN or the MINI. I feel like the fact that they make fancier sex toys like the YORU is a good way to know that their toys are good quality. They also are a sub company of TENGA, the well-known masturbations sleeves. So I think this brand is overall a good pick! You can find their product on Shop spectrum, shopnox, shebop and shevibe.

To resume, when you buy a sex toy be sure to look at the website where you are buying, read as much review as you can and do not be shy to send me a direct message so we can look at it together!

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