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The place where I work (L’Atérisk) got a bunch of Trans Tape and as someone with a bigger chest, I decided to try it and see what it will look and feel like. Btw, if you are between 14 and 25yo, in Montréal and you are looking for free or by donation Genre Affirming gear send a message to Project 10, they are awesoomme.

I have a really sensitive skin, so the day before I applied a bit of trans tape on my chest overnight, just to be sure I don’t any major skin reactions. In the morning, my skin was a bit red, but nothing alarming. To prepare myself, I watched a bunch of youtube tutorial on “how to apply trans tape”. The majority (not to say all) the videos features thin white trans dudes with really small chests. I was able to find a couple of pictures of bigger trans dudes deep on reddit, but nothing that really helped me.

That’s when I decided to just wing it. Freshly out of the shower, trans tape in one hand and sharp scissors in the other, I started to cut pieces of the tape to apply on my chest. It is recommended to cut the corners of the pieces to make them more round, so they stay for longer. Basically, when you put on trans tape, you are trying to raise your chest and to stick it to the side, so it looks more like pectorals. When I was done putting on the tape, I noticed that the skin on my sternum was really stretched, which made it a bit harder to breathe. But really nothing compared to wearing a binder! I was really happy with the result, my chest looked flatter and my breathing was not restricted! I started to try on a bunch of t-shirts, and I felt instantly more confident. It made me think about top surgery and all the gender euphoria I would get from it. Which for sure, made me a bit sad haha. But I was mostly happy!


My skin was pulling a lot and it started to be itchy, but nothing dramatic. Trans tape advises that you can wear the tape for 2/3 days, so I decided to wear it overnight to see what it feels like. Sleeping was not that bad, my skin was pulling a lot and I started to feel irritation under my armpit. I was able to sleep but waking up was something else. My chest was so itchy and sensitive, I had a hard time moving my arms. That’s when I knew I needed to take that thing off my chest. It was recommended to me to remove the tape when it is really damp with a lot of oil. That’s what I did and OHH WOW, it was an intense experience. The worst part was under the armpit, my skin was sooo sensitive and irritated that it took me a while, a lot of oil and yelling to remove it.

The after result where kind of scary, a lot of redness, irritation and little pieces of my skin were missing. They are in fact still missing haha. I think that it’s safe to say that my skin is way too sensitive for Trans Tape. Which makes me really sad because the result was not half bad. It was less restricting than a binder and made me feel more free on my body. Anyhow, removing was not worth the trip.

You should try Trans tape if: 

you have really tough skin, if you have a smaller chest, or if you are comfortable with “pec like” results.

You shouldn’t try trans tape if : 

you have a sensitive skin, you are scared of removing it (feels like removing a bunch of big bandaids all over your chest), you want really flat results.

If you have more questions on trans tape don’t be shy to DM me <3

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  1. Hiya

    Thank you for your review. I found it very helpful. It seems a lot like KT so I might not bother.


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