I won a Lelo Sona Cruiser almost a year ago.  I had the chance to win it through a giveaway with recipeforselflove and Lelo.  It took me a while to do this review because it was my first sex toy review, but also because it took me a while getting used to the amazingness of the Sona by LELO.  I tried it in a lot of ways ; alone, duo, on myself, on someone else, on my t-dick, on nipples and pretty much everywhere on my body. In this review, I will be chatting about the specifications of the Sona, my personal opinion on it, how it helped with my gender dysphoria, and the general pros and cons of the toy!

The Sona is made of two material, silicone and ABS plastic. The part that goes in contact with your bits is 100% silicone, and the handle is made out of a sturdy smooth ABS plastic. I won’t lie, the Sona feels luxurious, with the gold handle, smooth shape, and fancy packaging (it even comes with a satin pouch to store it)!  For me, the only downside regarding the specifications is the charging cable and hole. The Sona comes with a really short USB charging cable, it kind of looks like a charging cable you would get from an old cell phone, with the round plug. The Sona is categorized as fully waterproof, but I have my doubts. The reason being that most companies write “waterproof” on their toys when in fact they mean “splashproof”. I wouldn’t have any problems using the Sona in the shower, but completely submerging it in a bathtub is different. You see the charging hole of the Sona is naked, you can see the metal through it. Companies like @funfactory or @wevibe sell sex toys that recharge by magnetism, which mean that the inside of your toy is never in contact with water. Personally, I  would only trust magnetic or closable recharging hole, the Sona is an expensive toy (Newly got reduced to 89$CAn), I wouldn’t want to break it by submerging it in water. 

There is two different models of the Sona, the “cruise” and the “original”. I won the cruise which is WAY MORE EXPENSIVE (128$ CAN compare to 89$CAN on Lelo’s website). Honestly it is not worth the price. The “cruise” offers a weird feature that no one asked for, the “cruise control”. As written on Lelo’s website is:

“Cruise Control is a feature that reserves 20% of SONA Cruise’s full power during normal use, so that when it’s pressed hard against the body and the motor begins to drop power, that extra 20% is unleashed so that there’s no reduction of intensity.”


That feature actually did not work… as a matter of fact, it made me feel like I had less control over the toy. It would get stronger without me asking for it. No one wants their toys to get way stronger without asking.  On the other hand, I was really amazed by the battery life of the Sona, that lasted me at least 7 masturbation sessions (around 1h30), way longer then my other sex toys.




The exciting specificity of the sona is the kind of vibration it uses. They call them “sonic waves”. The best way to explain how this kind of vibration feels is comparing it to a speaker. Let’s say that you are right next to a  huge speaker in a club, you can feel the base going through your body. It feels like the music is tickling your soul. That’s exactly how the “sonic waves” feel, when you put it on your junk, it feels like the vibration is going right through you, massaging your internal bits.

It’s important to remind ourselves that LELO did not invent that kind of vibration. The first company that offered a product with that kind of vibration is Womanizer, they call the vibrations “The unique Pleasure Air Technology”. Each company have a different way to name those vibrations, that’s why I have a hard time using a specific term to describe them! But for this review, I will be using “sonic waves”.

So those sonic waves, how do they feel? To be honest, they feel amazing, I never felt something quite comparable on my bits. Before the Sona, the only toys that could help me achieve orgasm were wands. Let’s say that I am a bit of a power king, I like my vibrations strong and rumbly. When I first received the Sona I was suspicious, could that little vibrator make me cum like a strong wand? Surprisingly, yes it did. The deep “sonic waves” of the Sona are a weird and exciting adventure. They really get inside of you,  they are massaging your junk from the inside. If you are a fan of buzzy/on the surface vibration, the Sona might not be the toy for you. Many folks say that “sonic wave” toys are “oral sex toys”, that they make you feel like you are receiving oral sex. I personally did not feel that at all. It’s true that the Sona gives a bit of suction, but  I did not feel the pleasure from the suction but from the waves. 

The small suction did give me pleasure in another kind of way, in a gender-affirming way. With the small suction on my bits, I was able to dissociate from my genitalia and convince myself I was receiving a blow job. The Sona really helped me distancing my orgasm from my genitalia. Cause you know, I have a lot of bottom dysphoria and it can be hard to achieve orgasms when you don’t like the look or feel of your junk. With the Sona, I was able to achieve more of a full-body orgasm, which was AMAZING. I felt like I had more control over my orgasms. The Sona became a really versatile toy in my sex life, I tried it pretty much anywhere on my body (But my personal favorite is still on my clit), my partner really enjoyed the sensation on their nipples and it’s not half bad on the anus! The best orgasm I had with the Sona was a when I was being spanked and I decided to reach for the Sona and put it on my junk. The pressure of my body on the Sona, with the pain I was receiving from the spanking, made it even better, frankly I think it’s one of the best orgasms I ever experienced. Since I started Testosterone, 5 months ago, it is way harder to use to Sona. You see, my T-dick is getting bigger and way more sensitive, the intense sonic wave of the Sona felt a bit intense ! I’m soon going try the Satisfyer and I hope it will be a bit less intense on my junk. When you first start HRT, your genitalia go thru a lot of changes so you kinda need to relearn what you like. I’m looking forward to re-introduced the Sona in my sex life, but for now wands are my best friends.

Yeah the Sona is pretty amazing, but let’s be real, it is also REALLY expensive! It’s far from accessible and frankly, if I didn’t win it I don’t think I would have bought it. The cheapest (and pretty awesome) alternative I found is the battery powered model from Satisfyer, it is 65$ (Often on sale on @pinkcherry) compared to a generous 89$ for the Sona.

Finally, you should get the Sona by Lelo if

   –  You are looking for a new kind of vibrations

   –  You have  100$ to put in a sex toy

   –  You like aesthetically pleasing toys

You shouldn’t if

   –  You are not a fan of strong vibrations

   –  You do not have that kind of money

    – It’s your first toy and you are not sure you will like it


All the pictures in this post were taken by the amazing MYCOZE 

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