How to clean Silicone Toys

Silicone is one the most safe sex toy material out there. Before buying a silicone sex toy just make sure that it is medical grade silicone, many companies are selling “fake silicone”. Silicone has a specific texture, so a good way to know if silicone is real is to feel it. Go to your local sex shop and ask (politely) to touch good quality silicone. There is two kind of silicone’s (If we want to make it simple)  the “brushed” type, more soft, and the “original” kind, more rubbery. I personally prefer “brushed silicone”, but that’s specific to each humans ! Fun factory and Vedo make nice “brushed silicone” and Tantus and Funkit make toys out of “original” silicone. If you have doubts on the toys you are buying don’t be shy to DM me.

The reason why silicone is one of the safest sextoy material is because it is no porous. Sex toy cleaner are made to disinfect porous sextoys, so you do not really need them for non-porous toys. 

Cleaning silicone sex toys is quite simple, you just boil them ! Menstrual cups are made out of silicone too, so you basically clean them the same way. Boil your silicone toys one a month and clean them with hot water and ph neutral soap between uses. To boil them, just boil water in a kettle and submerge your toy with water in a big bol. You can select a specific bol only for your sextoys but I personally just fill up my sink with boiling water and leave my toys in there for 20minutes or so. That only applies to sex toys that do not vibrate, butt plugs, dildos, etc. For vibrator made out of silicone I usually clean the insertable part with a neutral soap and I occasionally dip them in boiling water for a little while. To avoir battery or motor damage do not boil your vibrators.

Theoretically you can share your silicone toys between partners, but if you do not feel comfortable doing so you can always put a condom on top of your toy. Just remember that silicone lube and silicone toys are not compatible, choose a condom that is specifically lubricated with water-base lube or non-lubricated condom with your own lube!

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