The Nymph from SVAKOM

The Nymph from Svakom is not your usual vibrator, it is described as a “Soft moving finger vibrator”. When I show it during my workshops the general reaction is “OMG” “What is this ??” “It looks like the cute pink octopus in Nemo!” So yeah, the Nymph doesn’t leave folks indifferent. The nymph is made out of “Ultra soft silicone + Body safe ABS”, it is rechargeable and waterproof. On svakom’s site it says that it takes 40min to charge and it can last for 1.5hours. That’s pretty close to reality, but note that the more you use a toy the more it’s battery capacity will decrease, just like a cellphone or a laptop. One side of the Nymph is the “moving fingers”, where the other side is a soft and squishy vibrating head, the vibration are not the deepest, but not the buzziest either, a good in between.

Al those specs are pretty cool, but how does the Nymph feels on the body, more specifically on my body. I am a non-binary trans guy that has been on testosterone for 7 months. Going thru hormone replacement therapy, my genitalia have changed quite a bit. The head of my clitoris is 4 times bigger and I experience a bunch of new sensations down there. Playing with the Nymph was way more fun then I expected. I don’t think I would personally be able to achieve climax from this toy, but it is a GREAT teaser. The distance between the “fingers” is wide enough to play with my growth *(word I use to talk about my clit/dick). It feels like the soft and gentle touch of fingers which is quite cool. The Nymph can be used everywhere you want a soft stimulation, the clit, growth, tip of penis, NIPPLES and I guess you nose and ears. Sadly, the vibration doesn’t do it for me, I’m kind of a power king and the nymph vibrating head is a bit too high pitch for me. If you are not picky with your vibration like me (Tbh the doxy, magic wand and some we vibe toys are the only ones that really satisfy me) it is good. The head is squishy, which means it is easier to put pressure on your junk and it feels soofftt.

My favourite way to use it would be during a sensation play session, wearing a blindfold, and maybe some ear plugs so I  have no idea it is coming my way. I would love to have my junk teased with the Nymph, getting my hopes all up and then getting it on with a strong rumbly vibration + penetration if I’m in the mood.

In conclusion, the Nymph from Svakom is a pretty good toy, soft silicone, rechargeable, inventive. It is on the pricier side at 109$, but it you are RLY into cute weird toys you will love it haha. The nymph is the kind of toy you get when you are looking for something new and different or if you are a biiigg Nemo fan.

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