About me

June is an enthusiastic, playful and generally cute human. They enjoy the little things in life like, watering their plants or finding the perfect funky dress-shirt at a thrift shop. Their passion is to learn as much stuff on sex toys as they can and making all that knowledge available to trans and queer folks. They are in fact a little queerdo themselves, a non-binary trans-masculine Bi boy. As you might have guessed June uses They/Them pronouns ! En français, June utilise le pronom Il.

They can be seen at the dog park, amazed by the adorable doggos or on their computer late at night, learning mostly useful things on sex toys.

They are desperately trying to finish their bachelor in women studies at Concordia university in Montreal. They work at a mostly okay sex shop, where they can learn a bunch by touching a squishy sex toys. They live in a pretty awesome Queer House with 4 others queerdos, where they enjoy having long conversations in the kitchen and sunbathing while watching YouTube videos in their living room. They also have a lovely partner with the cutest squishy cheeks and cute little ears.

Their knowledge on sex toys and sexed mostly comes from personal experiences and from working in a sex shop for two years. They also did a lot of volunteering with the Pride organization at the University of Victoria (BC) where they learned a whole lot about queer and trans issues. They also facilitate a few workshops here and there and love to mix up what they learn in their women studies classes with sex toys and sexed. They really hope you learn a whole lot on their blog and different social media platform and that you enjoy all your little selves!